PDF won't print?

If you don't have Adobe Reader installed, or your Adobe Reader is earlier than version 9.0, we suggest that you install the current version:

The above options are only recommended for those who know how to download and/or install computer software.  Those who aren't proficient in downloading/installation should contact their computer professional for assistance.

If you have Adobe Reader (version 9.0 or later) installed and are experiencing problems reading or printing the PDF documents on this web site, here are some suggestions that have worked for others:

  • Instead of clicking the printer icon, click on File/Print/OK in the Menu Bar. We don't know why, but this procedure often works when all else fails!
  • Using File/Print and the Print Range options, print the document page by page. This can help to work around any memory problems with your own computer or printer.

We'd like to know about any other printing problems so that we can check and/or fix things at our end, so please email any concerns to administration[at]myapsa.com.au.  Thanks for your feedback!

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