PSAQ - Plans for 2002

The PSAQ is pleased to be able to report that in 2001 we saw a very substantial improvement in three key areas:

  • Membership;
  • Percentage of Award Compliance within the Industry and, as a consequence;
  • Finances.

This has enabled the PSAQ to do a number of things which have been desperately needed for some time:

  • Employ a part-time clerical assistant to undertake a number of administrative roles;
  • Commence a "branding" programme to establish a clear "visual identity" for the PSAQ - e.g. logo, letterheads, newsletter, business cards, etc., which all have a standardised theme; and
  • Upgrade some office and computer equipment.

The above initiatives form a platform for 2002, which should see the introduction of two brand-new Awards to the Industry, a more streamlined process for dispute-resolution and more effective on-line access to information about industrial relations matters in this Industry.

Probably the most pressing need in the Industry is for the PSAQ to have people "on the ground" to assist its members, and to work with employees and employers alike in Award compliance. The PSAQ has just employed a part-time Field Officer, as a "pilot" programme. He will commence work on the Sunshine Coast.

In 2002 the introduction of the Field Officer role/s, together with the increased level of awareness of the PSAQ generated by other marketing initiatives, will further improve the PSAQ's ability to effectively service the Industry.

Thanks for your support of the PSAQ. We commit ourselves to you to continue effective representation of real estate sales people and property managers.

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