Proposed New Awards - Property Management and Sales

The PSAQ has reported to its Members for some time now on its intention to introduce a first time-ever Award for Property Managers.

The proposed Property Management Award has been in the design and negotiation stage for approximately two years, and we are pleased to report that a formal Application for its introduction was recently lodged with the Industrial Commission.

The Award will address wage levels, employment of juniors, hours of work, casual and part-time employment, and allowances (for car and mobile phone). Once we have a formal response from the Industrial Commission, we'll be able to provide our members with more detail.

Property Managers will be removed from the coverage of the Property Sales Award, and so it was necessary to amendment it.

There are no significant policy changes in the proposed new Sales Award, however there has been a lot of attention paid to administrative detail.

One important issue, however, is that we have introduced clearer guidelines about when commission becomes payable to the employee by the employer.

It's now up to the Industrial Commission to accept our proposals in their current form, or to direct us where to go from here. We'll keep you posted.

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