Registering Written Agreements | NSW

Minimum standards of employment apply to all property sales, property & community & strata title management employees.  These standards are prescribed by the Real Estate Industry Award 2010 and the National Employment Standards.  The award was established by APSA (representing employees), in co-operation with other industry-based organisations.

In New South Wales, all employees covered by the award are required to have a written agreement registered with both the Real Estate Employers Federation and APSA NSW Branch.

Two copies of an award-compliant written agreement must be completed and forwarded to REEF for registration.  One copy of the agreement is then forwarded by REEF to APSA NSW Branch.

An administration fee is payable for each agreement registration - half by the employee and half by the employer.  To streamline matters, an employer may pay the full fee and then deduct the employee share from the employee's commission, incentive or bonus.

Download:  Real Estate Industry Award 2010

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